Long recognized as the world's lightest headset, the new AER now offers a hybrid steel and aluminum bearing that provides even greater durability and a 40% weight savings over comparable models.  Strategic machining and precision contours provide an optimal balance between weight savings and strength.  The new AER headset is now an ideal headset choice for road and mountain bike applications- a high quality durable headset with durability and lightweight performance in mind.  For a ultralight "Race Day" application, road riders can outfit their AER with a Norglide composite bearing

AER Aluminum Lightweight Bearing

The AER-Series hybrid Steel/Aluminum maintains the quality and durablility our bearings are known for, while shaving 35% of the weight.


 AER "RACE-DAY" Option: Norglide® Composite Bearing


The AER-Series "RACE-DAY" bearing option incorporates Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics latest innovation in composite bearing technology: Norglide® T. A revolution in bearing technology, the T material sandwiches an aluminum base (5.3g) between a layer of low-friction PTFE tape and an elastomeric rubber backing material yielding a composite bearing that weighs scant 1.5g (Road Only)



AER Headset S.H.I.S Weight Savings Compared to 40-Series
IS 41 Tall Top Assembly ~26.2 grams
IS 41 Short Top Assembly ~21.8 grams
IS 42 Tall Top Assembly ~26.2 grams
IS 42 Short Top Assembly ~21.8 grams
ZS44 Tall Top Assembly ~18.6 grams
ZS44 Short Top Assembly ~22.8 grams
EC44 Bottom Assembly  ~18.8 grams
ZS56 Bottom Assembly ~20.2 grams
eeNut Preload Assembly ~17.4 grams
Cups and Covers

7075 T-6 Aluminum
Contoured and relieved to provide an optimal balance between strength and weight


Blue anodized lightweight sealed hybrid steel/aluminum bearing 

"RACE-DAY" (Top Bearing) Option: Revolutionary Norglide® T composite bearing — 1.5 grams

Crown Race

Aluminum Crown Race with integrated low-friction seal


Internal parts are cross-compatible across the 10, 40 and 110 series




Bike Radar:  "Bearings are a very small part of your bike, but play one of the biggest roles in terms of its performance."  Click here for full review.

PezCycling News:  "My most recent custom build is a Moots RSL titanium road bike. So much went into the creation of the project, that each part bears its own story. I spec’d the ultra-light and super low profile Cane Creek AER EC34 headset, and honestly didn’t expect it to warrant a stand alone piece, that is until I took a much closer look at the tech here…"  Full Review.



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