Aer Bearings

Aer® Bearings


The Stainless Steel bearings in our 110-Series headsets and the Black Oxide bearings in our 40-Series are the industry standard when it comes to high-quality sealed cartidge bearings. It is now time to raise the bar!  For riders with an eye on weight, this hybrid Steel/Aluminum maintains the quality and durablility our bearings are known for, while shaving 35% of the weight.  All the headsets in our product line were meticulously designed to have interchangeable parts, making this bearing cross-compatible with all current assemblies.   Precision engineered by Cane Creek Cycling Components in Fletcher, NC.  


AER Beaing S.H.I.S Weight Savings Compaired to 40-Series Beaing
AER "RACE-DAY" Norglide® ~12.8 grams
AER Aluminum 41mm  ~6.8 grams
AER Aluminum 42mm ~7.6 grams
AER Aluminum 52mm ~6.2 grams 


Blue-anodized hybrid Steel/Aluminum cartridge bearings 


Internal parts are cross-compatible across the 10, 40 and 110 series

US MSRP  $21.00 - $32.00 
Part Number

41mm: BAA0925A

42mm: BAA0926A

47mm (45x45 Deg): BAA0930A

52mm: BAA0927A 

52mm (45x45 Deg): BAA0928A 

Reviews comming soon

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