ViscoSet (patent-pending) offers viscous damping to make bicycles safer by inhibiting the uncontrolled steering oscillation known as speed wobble. "Speed wobble" or "head shake" are vibrations that start small and get worse due to harmonics. This frightening shimmy can affect the handling of any bicycle under certain conditions and is the result of many different factors.


Cane Creek Viscoset from Cane Creek Cycling Components on Vimeo.


Utilizing specially designed damping plates above the bearing in the upper assembly, ViscoSet stops the oscillation before it can grow to a dangerous level. These micro-thin plates are inter-leaved and connected to both the frame and the fork's steerer tube. As they rotate against each other, a fluorocarbon gel between each layer provides maintenance free viscous damping, preventing the dreaded speed wobble and allowing riders to maintain control.


Damping Adjustment:
ViscoSet’s damping plates have the ability to be repositioned within the headset, creating several “tune” configurations. The 12 damping plates housed within ViscoSet come standard with three inner and outer shims are interlaced, followed by three outer shims stacked on top of each other, and then three inner plates stacked on top of each other. This creates seven friction surfaces and a "mid-way" damping tune that will cater to most steering damping requirements. However, if the damping force is too stiff or not stiff enough for the desired ride experience, the damping plates can be reconfigured within the headset cup to achieve the appropriate amount of steering damping.



To perform this damping reconfiguration, remove the retaining ring from headset cup to reveal the damping plates and compression ring.


Once the compression ring and damping plates are isolated, begin reconfiguring the damping plates to reduce or increase the amount of friction surfaces. Below are examples of reconfigured damping plates, take note of the amount of friction surfaces caused by the different orientations of the plates. To create the maximum damping, the 12 damping plates housed within ViscoSet are completely interlaced within the headset cup, forming 11 friction surfaces that create maximum potential damping in steering. The minimum damping is achieved by stacking all six inner plates and then stacking all six outer plates, this creates only one friction surface. Any orientation of the shims between maximum and mininum damping is possible to tune. While performing this procedure, it is important to retain the fluorocarbon gel to allow smooth plate movement and retain damping function. Any time a damping change is made to the Viscoset, all 12 shims are required for reinstallation. Do not reinstall the Viscoset without using all 12 shims. 



Cups and Covers

7075 T-6 Aluminum


Interlok® spacer compatible

Crown Race

Fully face-sealed crown race


Dependable black-oxide, sealed cartridge bearings


Pre-Greased cartridge. No Re-Grease needed.

Stack Heights


External Cup (EC) - 22.2mm Top

ZeroStack (ZS) - 13.5mm Top


Part Number

EC34: BAA0931K

ZS44: BAA0901K 

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